This is the process through which players are chosen for the Texas One Volleyball (TOV) club teams. There will be a number of evaluators for every age group, position, and team depending on the number of players trying out. Tryouts consist of written evaluation and observation of the player’s skills, work ethic and their reactions in a game like situations.  Our evaluators will also take into considerations the player’s prior level of play, competitiveness, coachability and motivation. It is up to the TOV coaches and evaluators to determine how much each aspect affects the player’s results to for the best teams.  

Private evaluations will be one-on-one with a TOV coach if an athlete is unable to make the set tryout date for her age group. Just as in “tryouts” the same style of evaluations will be used. The player will find out if he or she has been selected for a team after the tryout for her age group is complete. 


Evaluation of Skill level and Team Selections

At TOV, coaches and evaluators understand that there are differences in opinions and will seek out the suggestions and views of all TOV coaches when making roster choices. Skills, experience, and level are obviously the biggest indicators of an athlete’s potential to making the team, and other factors come into play when being selected or placed on a particular team for example; attitude, work ethic and the “coachability” of a player are all taken into account. 

Playing up

Sometimes athletes may “play up” in age. Although this is rare, it may happen only when it makes 100% sense to the coaching staff and is agreed upon with the player and parents.

Movement between teams

In each age group TOV has a certain number of teams. Athletes may have improved over the year, or a coach may need a player to fill a specific position or skill set within their team. Movement up or down between teams is necessary to prevent players and parents from feeling entitled to or complacent with a position on a certain team even if the player demonstrates behavior (lack of growth, discipline, skill development) causing the staff to move them between teams. 

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