Texas One Volleyball

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​​​Parking Guidelines

Parking is available throughout the office building areas and the large grass field. 




The following rules are to help us keep the parking lot safe, to keep YOU from getting a ticket.

  • The spectator fee is $5 for adults 12 and up, $3 for children (under 12 & seniors).  Children under the age of 6 are free. 
  • There will be plenty of chairs provided, but it will be a good idea to bring your folding chairs.   
  • There will be a concession stand open throughout the tournament.  
  • NO cooler, No OUTSIDE food or drinks including coffee will be permitted into the building
  • Do not park along areas marked with the red Fire Lane striping or in front of the fire hydrant. You will be ticketed!
  • No parking along the driveways. This includes the concert/grass road leading to the building.
  • No parking on the drainage ditch that goes over the drainage channel.
  • Field parking is allowed, but DO NOT block off the entry roads. Please mind the rows, and do not block anyone in.

Tailgating Guidelines

  • All tents must be in the grassy area.
  • Tents must be properly anchored. We've had tents blown away and damaged cars and hit people, so please set your tent up safely.
  • No tables are allowed under awnings or along the sidewalks near the entrances.
  • Leave your area clean. 

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 281-232-5693 or send us an email to info@tx1vb.com

We have limited parking spaces so carpooling is highly encouraged.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Update: As of 02/10/2017

Tournaments Dates: Dec. 2, 2017

Tournament Description:   TOV Challenge # 1 - Houston EF: $ 115 Dead Line: 11/17/17

Age: 16

Maximum teams accepted: 16 

Status: Closed

Team entered: AVB 16 Royal, Willowbrook 16 White, Victoria JRS 16 Teal, TOV 16 Cobalt, Friendswood Challenge Elite 16 Magic, GCVA 16 West, Diggin's 16 Black, Diggin's 16 White, TX Legacy 16 Black, 

Tournaments Dates: Jan. 13, 2018
Tournament Description:  
TOV Challenge # 2  - Houston EF: $ 115 Dead Line: 12/29/17
Age: 14
Maximum teams accepted: 16
Status: Closed
Team entered: South Shore 14 Mizuno, TAV 14 Gray, Hardin County 14 Blue, Hardin County 14 Red, Shockwave 14 Black, Houston Force 14 Red, TOV 14 Navy, TOV 14 Cobalt, TOV 14 Gray, TOV 14 White, Catalyst 14 Green, Diggin' 14 Black, Diggin' 14 Red, Resilient 142 Challenger, Corpus Christ Storm 14, Xcel Volleyball 143.

Tournament Dates: Jan. 20, 2018
Tournament Description:  
TOV Challenge # 3  - Houston EF: $ 115 Dead Line: 01/05/18
Age: 11
Maximum teams accepted: 16
Status: Closed
Team entered: Volley fits U 11-1, Skyline 11 Royal, South Shore 11U, Xcel 111

Tournament Dates: Feb 10, 2018
Tournament Description:
 TOV Challenge # 4  - Houston EF: $ 115 Dead Line: 01/26/18
Age: 13
Maximum teams accepted: 16
Status: 1 FULL
Team entered: Woodlands Revolution 13 Gold, Woodlands Revolution 13 Silver, Woodlands Revolution 13 Pink, Woods Revolution 13 White, Woodlands Revolution 13 Elite, Woodlands Revolution 13 Molten, TOV 13 Cobalt, TOV 13 Gray, Catalyst 13 White, Texas Outlaws 13 Silver, Gulf Coast 13 Coast, Diggin' 13 Black, Fort Bend Express 13 Black, ACE 13 Red, KVA 13 Purple, Skyline 13 Black

Tournaments Dates: March 3, 2018
Tournament Description:  
TOV Challenge # 5  - Houston EF: $ 115 Dead Line: 02/16/18
Age: 11
Maximum teams accepted: 16
Status: open
Team entered: South Shore 11U, Volley fits U 11 - 1, Woodland Revolution 11 Black, Woodland Revolution 11 Mizuno, Xcel 111, Skyline 11 Royal, 

Tournaments Dates: March 10, 2018
Tournament Description:  
TOV Challenge # 6  - Houston EF: $ 115 Dead Line: 02/24/18
Age: 14
Maximum teams accepted: 16
Status: FULL
Team entered: TexStar 14, Woodlands Revolution 14 Mizuno, Texas Outlaws 14 Blue, Texas Outlaws 14 Black, Cajun Elite 14 Black, Cajun 14 Blue, TOV 14 Grey, TOV 14 White, Houston Force 14 Red, Xcel 141, Xcel 142, Xcel 143, Xcel 144, Southern Swing 141, Resiliant 142, Sports Edge Volleyball

Waiting List:  Fort Bend Jr 14, TX Volleyball 14U, KVA 14 White, SETX Elite 14 Black, Xcel 145, 

Tournaments Dates: March 31, 2018
Tournament Description:  
TOV Challenge #7 - Houston EF: $115  Dead Line: 03/16/18
Age:  16
Maximum teams accepted:  16
Status:  FULL
Team entered: Woodlands Revolution 16 Elite, Skyline 16 Silver, Skyline 16 White, Fort Bend Express 16 Elite, Gulf Coast 16 West Beach, TOV 16 Cobalt, Xcel 162, FO1 16 Yellow, Diggin 16 Black, Fort Bend Jr 16 Legacy, Friendswood Challenge 16 Magic, Friendswood Challenge 16 Royal, Victoria JR 16 Blue, Resilient 161, Houston Hustle 16 Royal, Texas Twisters 16 Royal

To register for TOV Challenge tournaments please fill out the Lone Star Tournament Entry Form and mail it to:

Texas One Volleyball

1818 First Oaks St.

Richmond, TX 77406

Send us an email or call to let us know that you are entering a tournament at: info@tx1vb.com or call 281-232-5693


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